Ultra Music Festival, Miami’s premier electronic music event, is right around the corner and with it comes a slew of excitement, plans, and announcements. Just a few hours ago Ultra Music Festival took to Twitter to make sure attendees took notice of its prohibited items list located on its website. Many of these items are relatively common and ubiquitous to any festival’s “not allowed” list, but this time Ultra made sure to include an object that has taken the world by storm…the selfie stick… That’s right, for security reasons, Ultra Music Festival has decided not to allow Selfie Sticks on its premises and personally I fully agree with their decision. In that kind of crowded environment, Selfie sticks can be dangerous and honestly attendees should be more focused on the music and less on taking selfies.

You can see the full prohibited items list here: Ultra Music Festival

Good news though, GoPros are still allowed 🙂

Image Source: StyleMag