Before Karma Fields was PYLOT, the mysterious biker who lost his memory.

It’s a story created by Monstercat and an unidentified producer that aims to engage the imagination of all listeners, as well as tickle their sensitivities with nu-disco and flowing melodies.

“Flashbacks” has a very strong ’80s vibe with punctuated synths and a rolling bassline, with effects and drums that are indicative of a simpler time. There are a lot of parallels between synthwave bands and newer acts like Kavinsky or WeAreCastor who use sound to tell a complex story. Every sound is perfectly refined and salient, nothing is out of place. The little nuances and effects are what make this track truly special.

When we last heard from Pylot, he had woken up in a daze, unsure of his identity, and how he had sustained some significant injuries. In the second chapter of his quest, Pylot continues down a road of mystery equipped with only his motorbike, iconic leather jacket, journal, and an engagement ring unanswered for. In ‘Flashbacks’, we see find our character beginning to have helpful breadcrumbs come to him in the form of fleeting clips of memory as to who he is and what happened to him. There seems to be some power in the bike; because the more he rides, the more he remembers about his past. To allude to this continued struggle, ‘Flashbacks’ has a very distinctive melancholic feel to its future funk sound as though to narrate Pylot’s sense of perplexity.

This is definitely a story worth keeping track of. Check out the track below.

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