The day has come where Astronaut’s Rockers EP is finally out, and it did not disappoint. The lead track off the EP, “Rockers”, was made in collaboration with Black Tiger Sex Machine. It features explosive drums and a vibrant bassline. The song itself is a dark, gritty, electro-house track. The energy remains at a constant high throughout. “Rockers” makes for a fantastic single to lead off the EP and is a successful collaboration.

The second of two tracks on the EP is “Bounce”, a song made solely by Astronaut. He has never been one to remain in the confines of one particular genre, and that experimentation shows in this song. The song borders on big room. It is the more melodic track of the two and there is a healthy dose of lasers in it — always a good thing.

Both “Rockers” and “Bounce” are great tracks and result in a strong EP. It is out now on Kannibalen Records.