Renowned deep house producer Solomun continues to do no wrong, dropping his latest remix of Australian singer Josef Salvat’s hit “Hustler.” The track starts with an 8-bit sounding synth over echoing vocals and plucky guitar, just before singer Josef Salvat enters the fray apologetically expressing his guilt and shame over what, we don’t know, but his wavering vocals would indicate it is weighing heavily on him. As the track builds, we’re hit with a light snare and wallowing strings, then all goes silent as Salvat confesses his sin: having a hustler’s heart. We’re then played out of the track with the return of the 8-bit and plucky guitar leading once again into strings and ending with Salvat’s echoed vocals singing “I don’t know why I’m telling you this.”

Dark, haunting and sexy, this song is everything Christian Grey wishes he was (and it’s better written).