Dillon Francis recently sat down with University Radio York, based out of the University of York in England, for an especially candid interview going over various topics.

Generally, interviews are dictated by how open the interviewee is. You could have the best, most insightful questions and if the answers are just a sentence, it still makes for a shit interview. Luckily, Dillon Francis is the kind of guy who publicists hate. He speaks his mind and doesn’t really censor himself too much. While there isn’t anything completely outlandish in this interview like Dillon admitting to robbing a bank when he was 14 (Disclaimer: He did not do that), his openness about his influences and distaste for Soundcloud are refreshing.

One of the more interesting points that Dillon reveals is that his initial influence to dance music was Rusko. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would have never guessed that. He says that the sound design on Rusko’s remix of Kid Sister’s “Pro Nails” was so clean and that it impressed him so much that he said to himself, “Yup, I want to do that.” I would have to agree with him. Though, he said his next influence was Munchi which makes so much more sense.

When asked what his future ambitions are as a DJ/Producer, Dillon gave a pretty deadpan response, saying, “To die and come back as a leotard.” What truly amazed me though was the fact that the interviewer was completely unfazed and came back brilliantly, without hesitation, with, “That sounds pretty intense. How do you intend on doing that?” At this point, I’m rolling on the floor.

I dunno. I’m gonna die, and then get put into ashes. And then I’ll be sprinkled into a leotard factory and then some girl will wear me. And that’ll be the life.

Who would you like to be worn by?

Taylor Swift.

Other topics that garnered interest were Dillon’s old interest in DnB, his support of young producer Drezo from Los Angeles, and his distaste for Soundcloud.

“Soundcloud can suck my dick.”

He believes that eventually a competitor will rise and take over the responsibilities that Soundcloud originally held, such as providing a consistent and reliable streaming service – a responsibility that it has had a lot of trouble with recently. His main gripe, and definitely something to keep in mind, is that Soundcloud will refrain from asking the artists what they would like in the app/service, instead relying on the whims of the major labels. There are many valid reasons for this, of course, but there’s no reason that their developers couldn’t, I dunno, check in once in a while.

At the very end of the interview, Dillon is asked if he could describe the weirdest thing he’s seen ever at one of his gigs. The simple and straightforward answer, with little embellishment, is perfectly typical of Dillon’s humor.

Oh man… 14-year-olds.

14-year-olds are completely normal at shows in the UK and Dillon said he was absurdly uncomfortable playing a new moombah track, for instance, and asking all the girls to shake their ass, and realizing that he’s speaking to a bunch of pubescent adolescents.

Listen to the whole interview below. It’s a short 12 minutes, and I swear to you, it’s worth it.

Source: UYR
Image via Rukes