Have you ever found a diamond in the rough? And then that said diamond proceeded to shoot smooth electronic R&B soul music at your eardrums? Well it feels just how it sounds, amazing. With their Soundcloud and Facebook accounts barely spawning within the past 24 hours, the self proclaimed “alt n’ b” collective R.LUM.R have seemingly popped out of nowhere. But wherever they popped out from, they brought along a polished beauty by the name of “Show Me.” Excellent vocals, sprinkled in synths, and a lush heavy bassline provide a well rounded track that has repeat tendencies all over it. If I owned a hot tub time machine, I’d travel into the future so I could listen to this song at all the huge venues R.LUM.R is sure to be filling soon. But unfortunately I don’t, so blasting “Show Me” through my headphones will have to do, for now.