This week has seen a tremendous amount of controversy around Future Music Festival Asia as the festival was denied permits to hold their event this year. The police, the ones who denied the company this year’s permit, cited drug issues as the cause of denial. While some angrily responded that they were making ludicrous claims, mountains out of molehills, the police have reported the seizure of $500,000 worth of drugs that were bound for Future Music Festival.

That’s right, half a million dollars worth of drugs were found being transported to the music festival in Australia. 7500 ecstasy pills were seized that were intended to be sold at Future Music Festival. The bust came after the successful execution of Operation “Mike Order”, a 6-month-long bust that targeted a vast network of drug suppliers.

“Today we have prevented over 7,500 MDMA tablets being consumed at music festivals such as the Future Festival tomorrow, helping to make all Queenslanders safer, in particular our teenagers and young adults”

In addition to the ecstasy found, police also seized around $50,000 in cash as well as 22 cell phones. You can read the full report here.