Televisor is one of those duos that Monstercat was truly lucky to snatch up when they did. Their releases could easily find themselves on GriZ’s new label, or even PLM. The groove and funk are undeniable, and the constant French house influence is as pervasive as ever.

With the impending release of their Venture EP on April 6th, the music video for “Find That Someone” has just dropped today on Monstercat. Featuring vocals from Richard Judge, the song speaks about a love lost and found. The music video … is a little less clear, with vignettes of eggs, random items, and many pretty women. A blend of stop-motion, bright colors and a quickly shifting gaze keep you watching the entire thing just to make sure there’s nothing you miss.

Pre-order Venture now and get “Find That Someone” before the full release on April 6th.