Just the other day Steve Aoki joined the notorious Dan Bilzerian and Floyd Mayweather at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas to… simply draw attention to themselves, or so it appears in this video.

To open the nearly three minute expanse of debauchery, Floyd Mayweather boldly states that Dim Mak founder Steve Aoki is the biggest DJ in the world. A statement we are heavily inclined to disagree with.

While cake-throwing and crowd-rafting might be entertaining to some, we’re not sure Aoki’s performances can be classified alongside the likes of world class DJs like A-Trak or Trentino; nor do his numbers or resume indicate that he is the biggest in the world (one of the biggest, perhaps). Regardless of the exaggerated claims from the champion fighter, Aoki does naught to impress by hanging out with the likes of Dan Bilzerian who was banned for life from a Miami nightclub after knocking out an adoring female fan just a few months ago.