Welcome to the weekend! It’s been a tough one, but Friday is here and it’s finally time to cut loose. Here to usher in those good vibes is Cuebrick, a young German producer with a gift for smart, progressive house tunes. This time he’s remixed one of Estiva‘s recent tracks: “Let It Go.” The Enhanced original is already a beautifully upbeat song that begs to be played/sung at the loudest volume, but Cuebrick gives it one extra kick to send this truly track soaring. Whatever’s got you down this week, Cuebrick’s remix will take your troubles away. More harmonious synths at the drop, as well as more layers to drive the vocals really give “Let It Go” a second chance at making the audience fall in love with this little number. Listen to the full track below, and grab a free download so you can keep this in rotation all weekend long!