It’s been a while since we’ve last heard of theft within the EDM community. Near the middle of January, we witnessed Dada Life‘s laptop and other personal items being stolen aboard a train in Stockholm. This lead to the creation of the ‘Dada Death‘ Facebook and Twitter pages, where the thieves posted pictures of the group’s sample libraries and claimed to have edited their unreleased songs. While this was definitely cause for attention, the events that took place last night at New Jersey’s Wild Bull venue blow the Dada Death incident completely out of the water.

After Dubloadz and JPhelpz played a show put together by Vibe Sphere Entertainment, the venue’s security proceeded to rob Getter at gunpoint. Among the items stolen were JPhelpz’s phone and wallet, as well as opener Extrax‘s laptop which contains his upcoming EP and album with Wasteland Recordings. According to a status posted by Extrax, Dubloadz was also beaten by the security. The reason, however, has not been revealed.


One source claims that the security was hired by Wild Bull itself, and that “[D]uring setup the head security guard gathered his team and let them know the gameplan…Then when the robbery happened, they didn’t even attempt to stop it.” Other eyewitnesses say that a friend of the bar’s owner was the one who pulled the gun, and that security remained unarmed.

For the time being, Getter is offering a $500 reward to anyone who can locate JPhelpz’s missing wallet. We have received confirmation from his management that the robbery did occur, and that steps are being taken to remedy the situation.

Until the stolen items are found, everyone in the NJ area is urged to keep a look out for the wallet, as well as Extrax’s Macbook Pro. If any information is acquired, please contact us here at Your EDM.

Several days ago, before any of this happened, it was revealed that the hosting company was having trouble with investors. The show was looking more and more like it wasn’t going to happen, to the dismay of the fans and artists themselves. In a move of pure heroism, Extrax personally covered the down payment for the event in cash, as he did not want to see the show go to waste. If there’s anyone to be rooting for in this story, it would be him.


Source: LXVXLS

Photo Credit: SubDotMission