The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television right now, and for good reason. The production behind the AMC series is simply top-notch, from visual effects to make-up artists to choice of soundtrack.

Well, this particular week they made use of the Knife Party song that will always live in infamy “Internet Friends.” From 2011, this track drew a lot of attention on the internet and in the blogosphere; with many requesting the name of the “dubstep” song.

Thomas Golubic helps choose the show’s music and spoke with about the choice of music for this episode.

“For this episode, we got an opportunity to use source music to help rescue our heroes. In Merle’s final episode in season three we worked a similar trick letting Merle’s good fortune of grabbing a car with Motorhead and Ted Nugent to crash Woodbury and give Merle his final hurrah. In the case of Aiden, who is of a younger generation, we get Knife Party’s ‘Internet Friends’ and the pleasure of watching Noah roll his eyes when the mixtape starts to play.”

While this may be outdated to our ears, it surely gives us a glimpse into the impact that EDM is having in pop culture. The fact that an EDM record being used in a popular show can become a trending topic on the internet stands as more proof of that very success.

Photo by Rukes