It doesn’t matter how much new music I hear because nothing gets me more psyched for Miami than Toolroom Record‘s annual releases like ‘Miami 2015‘ and, my favorite, ‘Poolside Miami’! This Poolside compilation is the best yet of the series, not that the previous one’s lacked anything, but this edition is ripe with tropical rhythms and glistening melodies that will cool you off from a long day of work. The album includes over 40 tracks, as well exclusive mixes from label favorites Cyclist and Framewerk!

You can’t go wrong with any selection from this incredible album, but one song that especially stuck out to me was Cyclist’s “Heartbeat Speed“, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Jocelyn Alice, as this song will melt you in its beautiful aura. Also, Roisto‘s “Apart In Love” encompasses an intoxicating, daft-punk vibe that you’ll want to hear over and over again. Finally, you have to hear Ben Pierce’s wonderful remix of “Lost” by Tender Games as he creates an uplifting, heart-warming rendition that never gets old!

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