Martin Garrix has taken the EDM world by storm. Still in his teens and playing main stage at most major festivals around the world, he’s on an absolute tear.

This newest record features the likes of Usher, an icon for pop music in North America. His suave vocals are brought to the fore for this track, “Don’t Look Down,” which lands somewhere between progressive, radio-ready house and tropical. The tropical influence comes in primarily for the drop where the gorgeous lead guitar chords descend into twinkling, synthesized bells that have a strong “sunset on the beach” vibe; a perfect track for release going into Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival.

All-in-all the young Garrix is taking strides to show his diversity and production mastery of late, following the release of the incredible “Forbidden Voices,” his newest “Don’t Look Down” continues on a more melodic path that steps away from the “generic big room” for which he has been criticized.