Jealousy and envy: two traits that I attempt to minimize in my daily life and substitute with gratitude instead. Yea, Dillon Francis doesn’t really give a damn. Following his performance at the first ever Lollapalooza Chile, Dill took to social media and shared a video of him dropping an unnamed track from his upcoming moombahton EP. In one of the most envy inducing 20 seconds you’ll see all year, Dillon turns the crowd into a moombahton tsunami as the crisp synths and booming bassline of his yet to be tilted track have the entire building losing their freaking minds. I do offer a silver lining however! The EP (and that monster track) will be available to us all by early summer according to Mr. Francis, and will feature Skrillex, Bro Safari, and Calvin Harris. Until then my fellow moombahton enthusiasts, enjoy and envy the clip below.