Daft Punk is one of the most reputable production duos in music… ever. Their ability to retain a high level of intrigue by performing only select shows and releasing music once in a blue moon has resulted in a certain timeless quality that makes the robotic pair feel almost immortal.

The tradition of memorializing Daft Punk through various forms of art has taken hold of society, with artists pumping out de-masked sculptures and entire art galleries devoted to the electronic music icons.

However the best way to celebrate these musicians must surely be through the enjoyment of their music. In particular, their live experiences have been described as incomparable and absolutely astounding to behold. While Daft Punk might not be playing live anytime soon (to our knowledge), you can still get a slice of what seeing them live would be like thanks to Electro News.

They have gathered two decades worth of Daft Punk performance recordings, a total of 25 live or DJ’d sets, that transport you through both space and time on a journey to discover the origins and progression of the legendary Daft Punk. Listen below!