St. Louis based Dave All The Rave & Jersey boy Eric Leed teamed up for the creation of the very excellent DRVC EP. Today, I have the pleasure of bringing you its exclusive debut.

The title track, DRVC is an fun electro break tune, that heavily reminds me of Charlie Darker’s latest work. Rather than relying on heavy and grit filled sound design, DRVC’s timbre is more plucky and bouncy than a lot of break I’ve heard lately. The mid section adds a nice complextro element with backing synths pushing the tempo. Definitely a fun tune overall. However, the EP really shines with the addition of remixes from Mexpha & John Zeidman.

Mexpha’s piece, adds a steady beat and diminished house chords that feel oh so right. The pluck bass has been replaced by a vowel synth that’s 50% acid 50% Jack Beats. It’s an excellent remix and adds flexibility that will allow the housier DJs to jump in on the action. Plus, the hook is absolutely infectious and just before it gets comfortable drops into overdrive. Seriously cool stuff here.

John Zeidman’s remix takes a deeper approach, blending a deep pluck with some glitchy atmosphere effects and a somewhat trancey breakdown. While the hook is a bit generic, the patches are quite solid and arranged with very clever breaks. The piece shines in it’s glitchey elements and tech-ey bass line. This track will definitely have more appeal to the Tech & Deep crowd.


Overall, DRVC shines as a creative concept. DATR & Eric Leed have aggregated a good deal of diversity into this one and gives fans of several genres the chance to connect with the work. Snag your copy here via Macro Records.