This is big. Actually, this is bigger than big. As the Brits always say, it’s MASSIVE. Since last year’s announcement of 17 Steps, I’ve been anxiously waiting its first outside artist release. Now, that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed everything on the label so far, especially “Yoohoo,” but when an artist like Dusky makes a big move such as starting their own label, the first release by someone other than its founders has to make a statement. It has to set the tone for all future tracks.

Christian Piers is an artist you can get behind. While there’s not much known about him other than the fact that he’s 1/2 of Laszlo Dancehall and has another alias called A1 Bassline, the fact that he was chosen to be the first non-Dusky release on 17 Steps should be more than enough reason to listen to his Beat Wiser EP. This trio of songs starts with “Onn,” a dark track that makes you forget that the sun is waiting for you outside once you’re done. The EP’s namesake “Beat Wiser,” is much quirkier, and almost doesn’t fit alongside “Onn” and “Off,” but after listening to the third track you realize that this EP is like a sandwich and “Beat Wiser” is where all the flavor is.¬†Overall, this is a fantastic showing from both Christian Piers and 17 Steps. The EP will keep your interest from start to finish, and should continue to be a staple in Dusky’s extended sets this summer.

Christian Piers’¬†Beat Wiser is out now on 17 Steps and is available on Beatport.