I’m actually salivating, is that weird? It seems to be my normal reaction to any Andrew Bayer news these days. Today marks four weeks until the official release of his Do Androids Dream EP, and just one week until “Super Human,” its lead single. True Anjunaholics understand the gravity of these events; it’s been too long since we’ve been able to sink our teeth into one of Bayer’s tunes and now we’re being treated to a double dose of new music. If you’ve been listening to his sets since October, you’ll recognize this 1-2 punch as his opening. Only known as “Parts 1 & 2” for now, each track comes with its own set of accolades. “Part 1” is bright and beautiful, with delicate piano notes to invite the listener in. “Part 2” is its dark counterpart, a shadow over the sun full of calculated reverb and drum kicks. Simply put, “Part 2” is the Android and “Part 1” is the Dream. There are still two tracks left before this EP is complete, and with these recent gifts, I’m more than happy to wait just a little while longer.

Andrew Bayer’s Do Androids Dream EP is out April 13 on Anjunabeats. Tickets for the second half of his North America Tour are available here.