Through trials and tribulations, Marcus Schössow has undoubtedly battled it all. Whether it was being looked down upon for his speech impediment or having to escape his home country due to a war outbreak, the Swedish producer’s rise to stardom is unparalleled to just about any other artists in the scene today.

Earlier this week, a few hours before dropping his latest single “Lionheart,” Marcus took to Twitter to shed light on the many shortcomings that he had to overcome to get to where he is today. Reading in between the lines, the heartfelt tweets perfectly portray Marcus’ passion and love for dance music. The series of messages paint a perfect picture of Marcus’ tough upbringing, ultimately making him the man he is today. The end-product of all this is a powerfully uplifting progressive-trance anthem, “Lionheart.” The sound engineering and structure behind this production goes hand in hand with his past tribulations, especially in the solemn mellowness and intimate warmths. Read the series of tweets below, and be on the lookout for this monster release on March 23rd via Armada Records.