Though I’m heavily critical when people remake tunes, there’s always room for special exceptions. In the music world, Duke Dumont’s “The Giver” should practically be called a classic. The landscape of dance music – specifically the house genre – has significantly changed since its initial release, a B-Side to Dumont’s 2013 EP For Club Play Only Vol 2. Still, this tune has been in constant rotation since its release, and has been a welcome vocal track in sets from some of the biggest artists in the game. This update – which is a radio friendly version for fans – comes at a perfect time. “The Giver” is that track you want to hear under a tent on a hazy Miami weekday as you try not to spill your pitcher of mojitos all over the dance floor. Speaking of which, Miami Music Week attendees should close out their stay with what’s sure to be a sunrise affair. Duke Dumont and MK are teaming up on Sunday Night for a Blasè Boys Club/Area 10 party at Mansion, right in the heart of South Beach. And as more and more buzz follows Dumont as he gets set to release his first ever studio album, the anticipation to hear a new track or two off the album is almost unbearable. You can purchase “The Giver” right now on iTunes and tickets for his MMW show here.