Five music makers. One graphic designer. One challenge: to create a new & unique piece of artwork each week, for three months.

This is the High Noon Artist Pact; if you don’t know that name by now, you need to get acquainted. They’ve taken ‘practice makes perfect’ to a whole new level and the differences in their skill levels at the end of this challenge  compared to when they began will be like night and day. Each week, a word of inspiration will be chosen to give the artists a loose idea of what to base their creation on. The rest is up to them.

We’ll be covering the entirety of the challenge, so you can watch (and listen to) its full development here. To get you started, check out the music from last week’s leg of the challenge below; read on to meet the artists themselves and get an earful of this week’s tunes!


Week 6 takes a turn for the somber side of things with ‘Loss’ as the inspirational word. From heartbreak to the loss of a loved one, loss is a universal experience for us as humans. It can either drag us into a grief spiral or become a source of inspiration to better ourselves and move on; usually, it’s a bit of both.  In the end it’s our mindset and reaction that dictates how loss can make us feel, so this week’s tunes definitely vary from person to person. Some keep the vibes dark and solemn while others are gritty and gangster, lending a sonic representation to pushing through the tough times ahead and coming out stronger on the other end. The High Noon musicians’ sound design and sample-work fits their chosen vibe like a glove, with Molly Brooks‘ black & tan hourglass design lending a perfect visual representation to this week’s batch of music.
Check out the tunes below and see what a few of the High Noon artists had to say about their creative processes!


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The title kind of says it all. This is my Ode to 2pac. I had most of the beat done , but something was missing. The vocals required a lot of digging , but when I put it all together this emerged. A different take on one of the most influential artists in my life. Always puttin’ it down for the Westcoast, love him or hate him, you can’t deny his impact on hip hop, music , and pop culture. Even though he could sense his death was near he never stopped being Pac and telling it like it is. We lost him way too early. RIP homie…..enjoi.


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I am fortunate enough that I have not experienced a great deal of loss in my life. So, for this week I drew upon a loss we all experienced: Leonard Nimoy’s passing. ‘Ascension’ is a tribute to him & his life.


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The word this week was especially fitting given the loss of Leonard Nemoy. I’m a huge sci fi fan and this loss was definitely an inspiration, hence the title and the vocal sample of Spock. Also worth mentioning was me switching production software. After 10 years of using Cubase, I’ve switched to Ableton along with a Push and this is the first track to come out of it.

Our favorite track from Week 6 was SoSay‘s ‘Ode to Pac’. What was yours?

BONUS: If you live in or around the Bay Area, you should seriously consider coming out to Santa Cruz tomorrow night! Andrew the Pirate‘s monthly party Space Bass will be in full swing, with VNDMG and SoSay holding it down for the High Noon crew. The sound system is prime and the vibes are proper, we hope to see you on the dance floor!

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