After we have been to a show or festival that was unbelievably amazing we always want to find ways to relive the magic that was created. We want to see the sights that can only be seen on the holy grounds of festival land, feel immersed once again in the beauty that we created together. The lights, the lasers, the water, the people, the confetti, your favorite DJ playing your favorite song–take me back to the extraordinary madness! And now, thanks to TomorrowWorld, you can go back.

EDM x Technology

TomorrowWorld is one of the best festivals in the U.S. at curating killer line-ups, designing mesmerizing stages, and lesser-known-but-equally-as-awesome: producing a virtual experience of their fairy-tale unlike any other festival is doing. On their website you can take their 360 Virtual Tour of last year’s festival grounds and interact with the Mythical Frames stage, the Sacred Forest, or the Floating Bridges like you never have before. With these 360-degree pictures and 360-degree films you can again experience and feel the depth and breadth of the moments we yearn to hold on to forever, but our human memories only allow to fade. No longer will that be a problem for The People of Tomorrow with TomorrowWorld’s advancements in experience technology. Forever we shall remember exactly what it was like to look around us and take in the sights when Keys N Krates rocked the Mythical Frames stage in 2014. If you are lucky enough to own an Oculus Rift, you can take their virtual reality tour and manipulate your re-lived wonderment at ad advanced level.

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The TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland brands strive to stay one step ahead of the game in every category. One facet of the EDM festival experience they have always been the best at is delivering exhilerating after-movies.

Last year they took their 360-degree cameras to Boom, Belgium for Tomorrowland and produced a very forward-thinking 360 video of the madness that takes place at the world’s favorite festival. They are taking the most cutting-edge sounds and combining it with the most cutting-edge technology to deliver an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Simply sitting at your computer you can experience and feel the magic of the Land of Tomorrow hundreds of thousands of people experience every year.

You can lose yourself in the beauty.

You can practically feel the bass pounding your chest.

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Immerse yourself in the beauty once more…


Take the TomorrowWorld 360 Virtual Tour of the 2015 grounds here


Watch TomorrowWorld in 360 Degree Full Party Immersion video here


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