American music festivals are becoming all the rage for young Americans and as they get bigger each year, so does their grandness. While EDM festivals have made a historic rise in America, they still do not reign king.

As 2015 continues to kick off with a bang, the statistics from last years festivals are just now rolling in. Between the top 5 music festivals in America, a total of $183 million worth of ticket sales were reported for 2014.

While there are hundreds of music festivals in the United States, these festivals represent the pinnacle of ticket sales as they trump all of their fellow counterparts.

You can check out the list below:

5.) Stage Coach: 18.5 million

4.) Outside Lands: 19 million

3.) Lollapalooza: 29 million

2.) Austin City Limits: 38 Million

1.) Coachella: 78 million

If you have any doubts on why Coachella easily trumped everyone else, simply watch the trailer below to be reminded why they rule supreme:

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