An artist that is as versatile as he is talented, the wondrous musical forces of LTN have become synonymous with some of the finest music ever created in true Progressive and Progressive Trance with his brand of soothing melodies and soaring soundscapes that sweep over one’s body like gusts of warm, Spring air. Throughout the years, he has slowly solidified himself as a legendary producer within this often under-appreciated side of EDM and as such, has become a bold, shining symbol of the magic that exists within these two amazing genres. In addition to creating quality craftsmanship on a regular basis, he also maintains a heavy work schedule, releasing anywhere from 2-5 of his own productions, (whether that be originals, remixes or collaborations), each month without skipping a beat in terms of exceptional finesse and creative artistry. In 2014 alone, he has had numerous releases on Enhanced Progressive, Enhanced, Elliptical Sun Melodies, Statement! Music and more with singles such as Teardrops and A Different Side Of You and remixes to The Madison‘s Amazing and Ruben de Ronde & Aelyn‘s She’s Already Gone. Lately, LTN has been busy with international friend and producer Kokai on a number of new projects, including the launch of their collaborative radio show, Omnikron Grooves and the release of their new, joint label entitled Lowride, (which is currently a sublabel of Myon & Shane54‘s Ride Recordings). In addition, the two have also been hard at work on releasing a number of sweet collaborations including Lazy Sunday, Ibiza Sunset and Don’t Be Shy.

Back in January, LTN kept his close relationship with Enhanced Progressive in tact with the release of a new Progressive single entitled Let Me Go with the beautiful vocals of Arielle Maren, which may or may not have been a subtle follow up from his 2012 single of Never Let Me Go, (which was also released on the same label). After the release of a few other projects on Silk and Ronski Speed‘s Maracaido Records, he now revisits this single with a fantastic rebuild that’s a part of his celebrated ‘Sunrise‘ remixes, which strives to promote that ideal Ibiza-esque vibe when the blazing sun first peaks over the horizon of the sea. The ‘Sunrise‘ mixes have been somewhat of an unconnected theme within his productions, and the only two other tracks that have received the Sunrise treatment has been the revision of his single of Feeling Like Yeah with Trance vocalist Christina Novelli and a remix to Anushka De’sai‘s Far & Close. While this new mix isn’t exactly a complete and total makeover from the original, it is still a nice, refreshing repaint that coats the original in a new light for listeners to eagerly enjoy. Within Let Me Go, LTN has brilliantly underlayed a combination of sweeping Progressive synths and various synth accompaniments underneath a blend of a chugging percussion section and decadent Deep House basslines for an unusual mixture between Deep House and Progressive, (which is no doubt influenced by his brand new Lowride sound). While radically different from his usual style, it nevertheless contains that spark of magic that has come to define his legacy and continues to push for the culmination of the golden movement that is true Progressive.

LTN‘s Sunrise Mix of his single of Let Me Go will be out tomorrow on Enhanced Progressive, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out some superb remixes by Vintage & Morelli and Dart Rayne & Yuri Moonlight!


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