Welcome to another packed edition of Your EDM‘s weekly Tech Selections series! With the chaotic festivities of Miami Music Week now in full spin, we felt that it was necessary to choose this week’s collection of tracks to feature that edgy, yet laidback style of Miami that seems to explode during this time of the year. With our focus more inclined towards the ‘festival’ side of sound, we now present our supercharged selection to keep the flow of Miami going strong.



1. Spiritchaser- Rendezvous (Orchestra Dub) [Guess Records]

In addition to the insanity of the Mainstage both at Ultra and at legendary, yearly parties around Miami, there is a strong movement of Deep House that also dominates the clubs such as Treehouse and Do Not Sit On The Furniture that feature an intimate vibe for the afterhours parties. This fantastic Orchestral Dub of Spiritchaser‘s newest single, Rendezvous, contains that perfect, personal feeling of intimacy while keeping the energy high though a charged string section and consistent groove, and the sway of the main melodic material gives us enough drama and suspense to keep things fresh and interesting.




2. Jay Lumen- Sunbeam (Original Mix) [Noir Music]

Tech House turned Techno producer Jay Lumen is legendary for his Tribally infused Techno hits that continue to smash with his ‘dry’ sound that seems to emulate live instruments within a club setting, and his hits such as Rollin, Dusty Memories and Give Yourself continue to dominate Techno floors across the world. However, for this single entitled Sunbeam, he goes back to his roots with a Tribal House feel that is perfectly constructed for those Yacht parties across the sea within a relaxed, yet grooving atmosphere. We are definitely loving the extra details in this piece and we also love at how fluid and connective its entire construction is.




3. Basement Jaxx- Fly Life (Jerome Robins Simple Edit) [CDR]

An absolute guru of the international music scene, Basement Jaxx first found his roots overseas in England with his decorated, decades long career as a master DJ behind the decks. His single of Fly Life has long been one of my favorite Tech House tracks of all time, and once in a while, I like to pull the 1997 hit from my vinyl collection and give it a few spins on the turntable. When I found out that Tech House artist Jerome Robins remastered this spectacular single to today’s specifications, I instantly grabbed the free download to utilize in my own sets. To celebrate MMW, we decided to unearth this secret gem to our readers, and to offer a free download on this smasher as well! Just head on over to his Soundcloud page to claim this awesome edit!




4. Carlo Lio & Harvey McKay- Droid Decay (Original Mix) [Bedrock]

The colossal Techno forces of Carlo Lio and Harvey McKay are monsters on their own accord, but when you connect these two behemoths behind the production table, the end result is frightening to say the least. Their first joint collaboration on Droid Decay dominated MMW last year and we felt as though we should pull this slick track out again due to its timeless character and meaty, thick sliced groove. This track has a distinctively ‘dusty’ feel to it, (much like a faithful, old vinyl record with years of wear and tear), but this specific feel works well in tandem with its chunky basslines and stomping orchestration to deliver a crushing vibe that is hard to beat.




5. UMEK & Beltek- Let The Bass Kick (Original Mix) [Toolroom Records]

You can’t have Ultra without the commanding forces of UMEK behind the decks with his hard hitting, high intensity Tech House sets, but his sound was noticeably different 3 years ago than his current, jacking Tech House sound. Back in 2011, he teamed up with fellow producer, Beltek, on a joint album entitled Out Of Play, which was featured on the legendary Toolroom Records imprint with immediate success on all fronts. One of my personal favorite tracks on the album is the festival oriented track entitled Let The Bass Kick, and its futuristic, ‘wet’ sound corresponded with the Tech movement that was the main mask behind Mark Knight‘s Toolroom Records sound. Definitely a stormer of a tune here; we absolutely love its manic party vibe and subtle, yet effective bassline work.




6. Fedde le Grand ft. Mitch Crown- Rockin’ High (Nicky Romero Remix) [Flamingo Recordings]

In what I consider to be the ultimate Miami track, (and one of my all time favorite dance tracks ever), Nicky Romero completely shattered expectations with his burning remix to Fedde le Grand‘s Rockin’ High that threw Miami in a tizzy when this was constantly hammered back in 2011. This was back when Nicky Romero was transitioning from his original Tech House alias into his current Mainstage sound, and the combination between Tech, Tribal and Progressive House was a signature style that has not been heard of since. This production is TIGHT with perfectly dosed amounts of timbres and groove, and the simplicity of cowbell being the main hook of the piece is paired well enough to ignite dancefloors. Massive, massive work.




Thanks again for tuning into another fiery edition of Your EDM‘s Tech Selections, where we select the finest in Tech House, Techno and Underground to kick off your Saturday night right.


Keep the music alive. -Q


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