Say hello to this week of Fresh Face Friday! Featuring some amazing talent in the underground and upcoming producer talent pool, we are going to divulge into a week full of competitive voting. Now whether you’re at work, sitting at home or at a public place – take a few minutes to bang these tracks from our contestants this week and vote for your favorite.

Benny Benassi – Cinema (dezz. Remix)

dezz. a.k.a Des O’Leary is a dedicated and upcoming producer and remixer from Ireland. With a love for all genres of music ranging from EDM to Metal, to Rap and Reggae, dezz. is not only a producer of music but also lives – and breathes it with every fibre of his being. In the time he has been producing EDM and remixing the tracks he loves, he has managed to significantly grow his following with every passing release. He has had his sound described by some as “EDM with a touch of funk”. With the noticeable organ sounds and warm feel of his remixes, he has created an unmistakeable sound of his own which many artists strive to do.
His main inspirations in the EDM world are Diplo, Dillon Francis, Major Lazer and the one and only Zedd. Not only is he inspired by their music and sounds, but also by their all around attitude to life and their fun loving personalities!

2015 is set to be a big year for dezz. as he pushes out more and more remixes and works on some new original material both outside and inside the world of EDM.

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!QUIET! – Demon

!QUIET! is influenced by Electronic & Hip-Hop music. From Upstate New York, !QUIET! is blurring the lines between the two styles & promises to deliver nothing conventional. Combined with modern sounds of EDM and a dedicated vocalist – well thought out lyrics are to be expected.

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Rocketman – Aves

I am a 17 year old producer of many genres (still trying to find my sound); and I currently live in Florida. I first got into EDM when I discovered Monstercat three years ago and have been inspired by that family of artists ever since. I produced this song for my best friend Patrick Nye who recently got into film production on YouTube under the channel name “Nyeguy Productions”. He featured this song in his “Sights of Maui 2014” video, hence the tropical vibe and the bird calls at the beginning of the song. Also, “Aves” is the scientific name for the bird, which is where I got the idea for the song title.

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Have yourself a great day and don’t forget to vote for your favorite to help advance them to the next phase. See you next week!

Poll Results 3.30.15
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