Tomorrowworld just took festival camping to a completely new level. Along with their recent announcement of ‘Breakfast Beats’, which entails hearty meals and drunken yoga, the U.S. Tomorrowland affiliate has introduced luxury camping into the mix. Dreamlodges apparently weren’t enough, as the electricity-capable, safari style lodges (with a patio) have been one-upped. Introducing the lavish Cabana cabins, which provide you with a plush mattress, linens, two beds, and access to the Montague Tent, which supplies massages and catered meals. I know what you’re thinking. “Eh, massages and private meals are great, but I want a 4-star hotel on-site.” Well you’re in luck! The Tomorrowworld Manors fulfill all the needs of the exorbitant festival-goer. With personal hot tubs, private bars, and butler service, each camp site treats you like a f*cking headliner. The entirety of the on-camping site, called Dreamville, is turning into a vacation spot of its own, with these insane amenities that take this experience a step too far.

As a frequent attendee of festivals, I personally enjoy the down-to-earth vibe of camping. With these kinds of ostentatious changes, you take away the togetherness and sensibility of the rave culture, and attract a pretentious crowd. Yes, we would all appreciate a hot tub and butler at our leisure, but those vibes definitely do not belong on the festival grounds. The festival is about music, so if you really need someone to bring you your drinks, go buy a hotel room somewhere else.


Image Source: Thissongslaps