French techno artist Agoria debuts his solo work on Kompakt with his  Baptême EPFrench for “baptism,” the title single delivers a mood of solemnity and subdued emotions. The swelling synths, minimalist percussion and subtle hints of piano all come together for a refined, atmospheric sound. The EP also features a rework of the original from DJ Tennis and The Rapture‘s Luke Jenner. Dubbed the “Lucky Blue Eyes Version,” the rework adds a layer of vocals and receives a retouch from Agoria himself.

Regarding the EP release, Agoria states:

I’m very happy “Baptême” will finally be released. Many of you have been asking and waiting for it over a year or more.  It’s a very special tune for me. I’ve had a lot of changes in my personal life these last two years and “Baptême” announces what could be my second life.

On the flip I reworked the remix with my friends Lucky Blue Eyes, aka Luke Jenner and DJ Tennis. Patrice Bardot, chief editor of Tsugi Magazine, said my rework sounds like The Doors of the 21st century.  What is sure is that Luke Jenner’s vocals fly me into orbit.  Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Listen to the full EP below and get your copy on April 6 (digital and vinyl versions available). And be sure to see Agoria during his US tour (dates at end of post).

Agoria US Tour Dates (Miami dates in bold)

3/25, Wed: Dusky Presents @ Treehouse                     
3/27, Thur: Circo Loco Miami @ Mana Wynwood                  
3/28, Sat: Ultra Music Festival @ Resistance Stage               
3/28, Sat: Get Lost @ Ice Palace West
4/03, Fri: Stereo, Stage One @ Montreal
4/04, Sat: Verboten @ New York
5/05, Sun: [email protected] Toronto
5/24, Sun: Mysteryland  @ Zeitgeist Stage