Madeon’s Adventure draws closer and we’re all pretty much just sitting on the edge of our seats. People in the know are calling it better than Worlds, and while music is absolutely, unequivocally subjective … it just might be. With the singles that have been released already, including “Nonsense” most recently, we have a good idea of the theme of the album, but not exactly how well it flows. Still, it’s enough to keep us excited.

In advance of album, Madeon has taken to reddit to give fans a chance to ask him questions, completely unfiltered, about whatever they’d like. Hugo of course still has final say on what he chooses to answer, and a lot of the questions did go unanswered, but we’ve got enough information at the moment to satiate us for quite some time.

MKBHD, the popular YouTube personality who reviews electronics, apparently produces as well, and would like to collaborate.

Hype, as Madeon admits that he and Porter Robinson have been talking more lately; still, nothing was confirmed.

Madeon didn’t want “Pop Culture” to define him, but it’s been a few years now so there could potentially be a sequel…

Along with all of the pop/rock heavyweights on Adventure, another single might be just around the corner.

How would you guys feel about a collab between Madeon and Kanye?

Even Madeon doesn’t get special treatment at the clubs.

Madeon seems to also be quite the articulate writer.

Even when playing Japanese games, Hugo likes to remind people that he’s French.


We’re all so looking forward to the album. We’ll have a review waiting for you all when it drops on the 30th. Until then, you’ll have to wait. (Or if you found the spotify leak, consider yourself lucky.)


Image via Rukes