It seems like only yesterday that we were mentioning the Progressive and Progressive Trance prodigy that is LTN off of Indonesia, but here we are again mentioning his masterful, expressive talents with a brand new remix that proves to be one of his best in terms of gorgeously graceful, melodic atmospheres. To be fair, we are in no way complaining that he is to be featured again, because we simply cannot get enough of his rich and expressive sound! He is simply an artist that can quickly bang out quality tune after tune each and every week while still having the time to pull out a single or two when he’s free and it can get slightly exhausting writing about a single artist on a consistent basis. Just last week, we were featuring this incredible talent on Your EDM with his stellar ‘Sunrise‘ rework of his own single of Let Me Go, and his singles and remixes have long been a feature favorite within our weekly Sunrise Sessions series. However, he now returns less than a week later with the thrilling release of his beautiful remix to Morning After by Vintage & Morelli, who is another class artist that has long been underneath my radar within the Progressive side of things. Vintage & Morelli first received their big break with their huge remix to David BroadersCurracloe, (which was featured on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy radio show), and have since released fantastically orchestrated singles such as For You and Tsukiakari Ame on Arrival, as well as remixing for rising Progressive talents such as Sound Quelle and Gregory Esayan. While the original of Morning After is brilliant on its own accord, we here at Your EDM were blown away at the sheer, expressive nature of LTN‘s breathtaking interpretation and have decided that his rendition is the mix that has fully tapped into its deep potential to create something truly magical in its own right.

Normally, LTN‘s varied sound fluctuates between beautifully courageous Progressive Trance and stormy, chaotic Trance melodies, but due to his lovely Sunrise mix to his own single, Let Me Go, it seems that he has gained new inspiration into the older styles that he used to craft; (examples being Ordinary People and Teardrops); within a newer guise of Lounge-like sophistication. While it may sound perfectly simple on the surface level, this rework is actually a lot more complicated than it initially appears, and the main cause for this complexity is due to the large number of inspirations that collectively constructs this piece. Throughout Morning After, one can clearly hear influences of Progressive master Shingo Nakamura through LTN‘s decadent piano ostinatos while the gushing percussion section almost gives this piece an 80’s-esque kind of feel, (while the pad work is most reminiscent of Solid Stone‘s older works). However, instead of these wide, stylistic choices becoming too crowded where they step on each other’s toes and thoroughly destroy the fragile fabric of Progressive, he instead masterfully connects these influences together into a well crafted remix that not only exceeds expectations, but manages to shatter them completely. The delightful pad work that he has implemented throughout the track really grabs you by the heart with its increasingly expansive emotional output and the total combination of its established parameters certainly culminates in the joyous relationship between finesse, clarity and the soul of a hopeful man who only seeks to share his boundless content and tranquility with the rest of the world.

LTN‘s brilliant remix to Vintage & Morelli‘s Morning After will be available on Tuesday with Perplexity Music via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent! Also make sure to check out the Original Mix, as well as a charming remix by the always dependable Talamanca.


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