Are you in need of some booty-bumpin’ bass music coupled with a healthy dose of nostalgia? Well, look no further! Virginia crunk-junkie, Mr. Jennings, is here to satisfy your craving.

Following up on his Crunken Treasure EPSteamcrunk Vol. 2 is the second edition of his ever-expanding collection of blues and swing remixes. This time around, Jennings set his sights on Tom WaitsMr. BungleCarolina Chocolate Drops, and Luminescent Orchestra. Thick, chunky bass-lines are coupled with lilting string melodies and brass rhythms gritty enough to make a marching band veteran stand at attention. Sultry, emotional vocals top everything off, cementing the fusion of old and new. The standout track for us is ‘Savage Swing’, which couples hip-hop artist Savage‘s classic vocal line with actual swing patterns, courtesy of Ella Fitzgerald. This is music for the modern speakeasy and it’s best enjoyed in the company of friends.

To put the icing on the cake, Mr. Jennings has made this release available for free via Toneden and Bandcamp. So, grab your gal and a few brews and prepare to dance out your demons; the music is just waiting for you to hit play.


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 [Cover Art: Drawn by Charles Berger, Digitized by Naked Geometry]