Hypha is one of those rare artists with the Midas Touch; any style of music he tries his hand at is sure to be pure gold. From dubstep and DnB to juke, footwork, trap and beyond, this Humboldt native’s special blend of low-end poetry will have you bobbing your head and tapping your feet like no other. And now, he’s channeled his versatility into a full length album: Hypha.

Spanning 14 tracks of ever-branching beats and psychedelic, twisting rhythms, this album showcases the softer side of Hypha. While there’s plenty of body-shaking bass to go around, downtempo is the name of the game here; laid-back melodies bubble and burst around off-kilter synth stabs and perfectly chopped vocal grunts and stutters. Stylistic switch-ups abound, but always feel natural and well-thought-out, adding a great deal of depth to the album’s progression. A definite highlight for us are the collaborations with fellow NorCal bass-slingers, Onhell and Wu Wei. To sum it up, this is dance music for the 3am crowd; Hypha could easily be the soundtrack to your next sunrise. Fans of artists like Thriftworks and Sugarpill will definitely find themselves right at home here.

Hypha has released his self-titled album via  Muti Music and the full album can be purchased on iTunes. Check out the full stream and a wonderfully trippy music video after the jump.


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Hypha & Wu Wei