Party Time Society has hooked us (and you!) up again, this time with an extra saucy free download from Virginia bass-slinger, Akasha!

‘Pathfinder’, a collaborative endeavor with Jzamo, is the title track of Akasha‘s new EP and we couldn’t be more excited to deliver it into those low-end addicted ears of yours. The groove embedded in this track is absolutely undeniable, grabbing your attention with an irie dub-reggae rhythm before dropping into a more complex arrangement. Stuttering synth growls are paired with eclectic, cosmically inspired sound effects and crisp percussion to create a seamless journey for the listener. Akasha‘s music has been described as ‘cinematic’ and we can clearly see why; close your eyes as this song washes over you and your mind can generate any number of adventurous scenarios. And this is just the title track; 5 more expertly crafted tunes await you on the full Pathfinder EP, each a multilayered concoction of different vibes and styles.

Well, what are you waiting for? Grab the exclusive free download of ‘Pathfinder’ after the jump and be sure to purchase the full release if you’re feeling the vibes; it’s currently available on Beatport and debuted at #1 on Addictech, so any support is appreciated!


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