Warpaint Records is starting something special for up and coming producers. No matter your genre, you can have a place with them. Their inaugural Trophy Wall compilation has come, with thirteen tracks from various producers making up the project. With more to come, this compilation series is sure to turn up some bangin’ tracks. In fact, it already has.

Although any genre can make it on the Trophy Wall, this volume is largely made up of trap and electro house with dubstep and some midtempo tracks rounding out the release. Tracks from The Socialyes, Demien Sixx, Rumble Filthskin, and EMC Fraktal are just some of the delectable dance products you will find in this collection. Personal favorites include the songs “Die Verse,” and “Megalixer,” but make sure you go all the way through the project, because those two are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the compilation, as well as what the label’s Co-Founder, Kris Ware, had to say about the label’s project.

Warpaint Records a multi-genre defying electronic music label based out of New Jersey — bending the conventional rules of production and performance to bring an immersive experience to our fans. Our goal is to provoke the viewer to explore the possibilities created by this unique journey of sound and art. With every release we will push the limits of genre-definition, thus creating something that is truly a one of a kind musical journey; “Trophy Wall Volume 1” is no different. Rather than separate by musical style, we made the conscious decision to combine and integrate genres and sub-genres into one massive collection of like-minded artists the world has yet to see or hear. My brother and I have a deep love for all music, and with Warpaint Records, this release, and all that we have in store, we strive to bring the appreciation for all electronic music to the masses. This is a revolution, and we are the movement!
– Co-Founder, Kris Ware