We’ve got a new free download from Free N Losh, a Canadian producer whom I was just pointed toward yesterday.

His new track “I Love You So” (not to be confused by the track of the same name by Cassius) has strong elements reflecting tunes from more downtempo producers like Chet Porter or Flume. The arpeggiated chimes and phased vocals make for a very quaint listening experience, as do the muffled kicks. I think one of the main detractors from the track is that it never really goes anywhere – it’s not quite “repetitive,” per se, but it never really finds a hold and runs with it. The track is brilliant for mindless work where you need some background music to get you through the monotony – and that’s fine, too. Music is made for different purposes, and different people will find different ways to utilize those sounds.

As a song, it’s good. Would I ever consciously play it while driving in the car? Probably not. But I would probably play it while writing an editorial to keep my mind on track.