DJ Snake has just pulled the yearly troll at Ultra Music Festival and has posted Dillon Francis’ personal phone number for everyone to have. DJ Snake put the graphics up during his set which gave everyone at main stage a chance to text their favorite DJ. On top of that, it only took 5 minutes for Dillon’s voice mailbox to completely fill up.

A full mailbox is not stopping fans as they have switch to texting Dillon Francis who is surely in a whole other world of hurt right now. Well played DJ Snake, well played.

Last year it was Deadmau5 trolling Martin Garrix and now DJ Snake has kept the trolling tradition alive. A few years ago Skrillex had the same thing happen to him as Deadmau5 wore a shirt with his number printed on it and it resulted in him having to have his number changed. Good luck with your new phone number Dillon!

You can check out the number below and you might as well text him now while he’s still receiving:



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