I had a friend this morning point me toward this track saying, “If you like Justice at all, check this [out].” I do really like Justice, and I had just had my morning bagel and lox, so it wasn’t like I had anything better to do. I knew the name Murtagh from the URL; I’ve spoken with him on Twitter and reviewed a couple tracks from him. Veschell was a little less familiar, but I recognized the name at least.

Still, music isn’t about who made it – it’s about how it sounds. And let me tell you right now, the comparison to Justice was absolutely on point. However, I wasn’t ready for how much Murtagh & Veschell went and completely upstaged them.

Justice made a name for themselves thanks to their fusion of French house and super hard electro beats with an addictive bassline and melody. “Emperor” goes just as hard if not harder than any Justice track (aside from “Civilization,” but come on) and has a melody that any veteran producer would have murdered their first born to come up with.

For the love of God, just listen to the track below. It’s going to be on repeat for me the whole day, I might as well place that same burden upon our readers.