Collectives are the new cool thing in EDM. Labels and individual representation are falling to the wayside to make room for more community oriented groups that put the music and fans before everything else. Their strong point is branding, which can be seen everywhere with regards to Moving Castle and Soulection. The latest to enter the fray is xKore, coming out with a new “artist agency” calling itself Kinphonic.

Their first compilation contains tracks from Fox Stevenson, The Brig, Kredo, Rob Gasser, Stereoliez, Tisoki, Jarvis, Re:Flex and xKore himself, though the collective expands to also include Visionaire, Noisestorm, Tut Tut Child, Droptek and Konec. These artists are characterized by their heavy bass sound and strong urge to keep everything tight and controlled, while letting the crowd release all of their pent up energy.

I was originally offered the premiere for The Brig’s track, but honestly… when I saw Kredo’s name, I knew it had to be him. I’m actually a secret fan of his and have been for the past couple of years, since his Cells LP. I’m really happy to bring this premiere to our readers because it’s so technically wonderful. The flow is so precise and consistent that you really don’t realize how long the track has been playing or even what part of the song you’re in. Aside from the flow, it has a relatively unassuming drumstep tempo while sounding like dubstep with tropical house synths and house drums. It’s a blend of styles that I’ve never heard before and I’m loving every bit of it.

We Are Kin, Vol. 1 is out today. Get your copy on Beatport now.