Puppet has to be one of the new breakouts for the Monstercat team. His first track on the label garnered so much adoration that he quickly followed up with another just the next month, and he has accrued quite the loyal fanbase already. His next track on Monstercat, a collaboration with longtime fan-favorite The Eden Project is a vocal driven prog/electro tune that spans six and a half minutes of nearly pure electronic bliss.

The wind-swept intro with reverb vocals and a sort of flighty innocence quickly envelops you and you begin to forget your worries. The light humming gives way to a playful section of electro synth chords as the main vocals come in. The lyrics are what I wish trance vocals could be rather than the usual themes of love and finding love, etc. The pacing and timing of the track as it allows room to breathe between sections is superbly executed; the drop comes in just as the wait crescendos and goes into a flurry of synths supported by a wild and uncontrollable bassline.

Not once does the track feel like it’s gone on for too long, or that it’s overstaying its welcome. There’s plenty of time given to absorb the wondrous sounds that these two amazing producers bring forth. Listen to it all below.

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