During the later half of 2013, we here at Your EDM caught sight of an extraordinary talent within the Prog Tech genre with the Indian talent that was Aji Mon Nair, and his blistering, cutting edge sound was certainly the future of Progressive House. His remix of Fon.Leman‘s One Day was the introduction of a new initiative that seemed to revolutionize the entire genre to a more experimental sound in terms of sharp production design and intelligent timbral preferences, and this forward driven sound has further defined the legacy of Prog artists such as Jaytech, Alexey Sonar, Ben Coda, D05 and Zach Roth. Mon Nair‘s high point of his career was when he released his redefining single of Let’s Get Retro, which was both featured on Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy radio show and was selected as the ‘Push The Button‘ winner, which is almost virtually impossible to receive without a formal background with the trio and their label. Since then, he has decided to start a family and to put his production life on the backburner while focusing on the more important things in life, but not without gracing us with his unusually innovative sound. Fast forward a year and a half to see Fuzzy Recordings, (the label that originally released Let’s Get Retro), unearth this gem again with an incredible pair up by the one and only Roddy Reynaert, the man of the hour that has continuously revolutionized the Progressive House scene with his incredibly fluid sound that extends beyond the reach of his confining genre and continues to explore the myriad of the musical unknown.

We first caught wind of Roddy Reynaert with his incredible debut album release of Higher Cognitive Process with singles such as Yssim and Ahnk, and we first reviewed his stunningly mature works with his spellbinding Ifonika collaboration with JOOF/Bonzai Progressive artist, Phi Phi, on Platinum that featured the shining pinnacle of futuristic sound design within Progressive House. After a brief stint away from producing, he has now returned with a beautifully crafted remix to Aji Mon Nair‘s Let’s Get Retro, and the combined might of these two musical prodigies is enough to bring out the best in musical innovation within their own perspective genres. The main reason why I love Roddy‘s unusually crisp sound is because he deeply understands the concept of both musical orchestration and the untaught musical talent of pacing and timing, and this next level skill set of musical writing is something that not many people are aware of. Only a musician who has taken the time to really dig into the nitty gritty of musical nuances will be able to grasp and understand this understated musical concept, and he is definitely a master in this field. With the beginning slowly adding in layer after layer of musical tangents within an exposed musical construction, each movement is both deliberate and calculated in order to slowly mold and craft a complex and intricate masterpiece that can only contain its refined craftsmanship if done slowly and by hand. By the end of the piece, it launches into a beautifully expressive and coercive melody that perfectly flows amongst each other, and the expanded consciousness of both the music and the continuous thought process of Roddy Reynaert is enough to push forward the mandates of musical possibility into a brand new zone of uncertainty to further execute the ever changing nature of forward driven dance music.

Roddy Reynaert‘s stellar remix to Aji Mon Nair‘s single, Let’s Get Retro, is out now on Fuzzy Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase this class remix and support real talent! Also make sure to support the Mark Nails and Gary McDonald mixes on this single, as well as the Original which is also included in this power packed bundle!


Keep the music alive. -Q




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