As one of the hottest talents to have hit the Tech Trance scene in the last several years, the explosive might of Wales’ own Sam Jones has been a valuable asset and tool within many Trance artists’ arsenal of tunes. Before moving onto the production side of things, he was already an established DJ since 2008 and had smashed venues throughout England during his beginnings, including capturing a resident spot at one of Glasgow’s largest party brands at The Arches entitled Inside Out. Jones first kicked off his rampant production career with the release of two singles by good friend and hot, upcoming artist, Will Rees, on Full Stop and Lawless on Indecent Noise‘s Mental Asylum Records before crushing it with blindsiding remixes to Bryan Kearney‘s Stealth Bomber and Bowdidge & Taylor‘s Flashback, including their out of control hit of Fire Drill that completely exploded the stage during Jordan Suckley‘s set at ASOT 650 in Utrecht. Since then, he has been focusing on developing his craft on a solo artist with brutal remixes to Jordan Suckley‘s Contaminated and his recent remix to Mark LeaningsDropshot, which was universally praised by tons of artists including Simon Patterson, Eddie Halliwell, Sean Tyas, Ian Standerwick and much, much more. After the savage success of his first original single entitled Buckle Up off of Damaged Records, (in which we provided full coverage on here at Your EDM), Sam Jones presents us with his follow up single entitled No Angel that promises to be his most chaotic production to date.

While together with Will Rees, their joint productions took on a more Tech Trance-esque approach, but his recent solo projects tend to dip heavily within the confines of Psy and Tech Trance, as the two, vicious genres duke it out to see which one reigns supreme. While Jordan Suckley‘s Damaged Recordings is increasingly influenced by Psy Trance, Sam Jones has decided to adopt the style in order to fit into the specific category that Damaged Records strives to implement, and the additional help of the label’s particular specifications only intensifies the sadistic ride that the listeners have strapped themselves into. In No Angel, Jones opts to utilize Psy Trance basslines that have a slight inclination of regular Tech Trance style infused into its systems as the crushing combination of slamming basskicks and the flashes of various Psy sounds come ripping through the soundscapes to keep things tense and cruel within its own horrific parameters. This notion becomes particularly noticeable when he adds screeching Tech synths to add to the level of carnage and destruction that has already been inflicted upon the listeners with bleeding ears as it slowly transitions into a muted Psy section that features sinister color grabs and a warping atmosphere that acts out like a continuous Mobius Strip of fiery hellspawn. Finally, it slams us back into those merciless basslines that features the flitting actions of various timbral samples with the chopping and slicing of razor sharp hi-hats leading the murderous charge.

Sam Jones‘ newest single of No Angel is out now on Damaged Records via Beatport, so make sure you purchase this explosive single and support real talent!


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