It’s almost become a ritual to pick out the latest release from Daniel Kandi‘s Always Alive Recordings, but it can’t be helped that this label is one of the most consistent sources for quality Trance within a constantly changing atmosphere between styles of Trance. While many other labels are continually catering to their audience instead of crafting great music for people to discover and enjoy, Always Alive Recordings always manages to stay one step ahead of the curve and deliver the finest in upcoming artists and hidden talents within the Progressive Trance and Uplifting fields. This week, we are presented with the return of the great Frank Waanders on the label, who just a short while ago marked his debut release with his spectacular Uplifter of Senggigi, (which we provided full coverage on here at Your EDM). This time, he has brought along fellow Russian producer and good friend Beatsole on a brand new Uplifting collaboration entitled Enlighten Me that seems to combine the full, expressive might of Russia and The Netherlands into one, beautifully crafted package. Frank Waanders has long been under our radar after we first heard his remix to Eddie Lung‘s Embraces and his recent remix to Myk Bee‘s Essences recently was granted full support by industry giants Aly & Fila, Colonial One and Manuel Le Saux on their prospective radio shows. Beatsole is another one of those artists that we first caught wind of when he released his massive joint collaborative remix with Pedro Del Mar on Roger Shah‘s Glitter And Gold, (which we also provided full coverage on), and his recent singles of Errant and Breathe Eternally on Magic Trance have been making the rounds within multiple sets and radio shows.

Beatsole has always been an artist that has great potential and strength within the production side of Trance, but has never truly received the attention that he deserves with his masterfully crafted mixes and projects. Additionally, while Frank Waanders is an artist who is currently being molded for the international scene, he too is an artist who shows great promise that doesn’t receive the attention that is almost demanded through his subversive and expressive productions. However, the two together definitely sound like a powerhouse team in the making, and maybe the success of this single might encourage them to release more joint collaborations in the future that focus on the sanctity and preservation of true Trance. While many artists are now opting for BPM’s such as 128-130 and 138-140, both artists decided to coordinate Enlighten Me‘s BPM into the 135 range, which is a highly unusual tempo that falls between the realms of Trance and Uplifting, (much like what Trance used to be under, beat wise). It is neither Trance nor Uplifting, but somewhere in between, and it utilizes different characteristics from both styles in order to collectively combine the two into a myriad of flavors that effectively changes the norms out of each, individual genre. With the slamming combination between thick cut basskicks and razor sharp basslines taken from the ideologies of Uplifting linking with the somber, saddened timbres of Trance, it fluctuates between the clash of styles to present an ever revolving cube that constantly changes shape before our eyes, (and our ears). However, it is not as experimental as it seems, as the resulting drop reminds us of their greatest abilities: to deliver stunningly gorgeous melodies that touch deep within the hearts of many.

Frank Waanders & Beatsole‘s bold collaboration of Enlighten Me is out now on Always Alive Recordings via Beatport, so make sure you purchase a copy and support real talent!


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