Five music makers. One graphic designer. One challenge: to create a new & unique piece of artwork each week, for three months.

This is the High Noon Artist Pact; if you don’t know that name by now, you need to get acquainted. They’ve taken ‘practice makes perfect’ to a whole new level and the differences in their skill levels at the end of this challenge  compared to when they began will be like night and day. Each week, a word of inspiration will be chosen to give the artists a loose idea of what to base their creation on. The rest is up to them.

We’re now well into the second half of the challenge and the team is still going strong! You can catch up with music from the last 2 months here to get an idea of how the project has developed; to get you started, check out the music from last week’s leg of the challenge below. Read on past the jump to meet the artists themselves and get an earful of this week’s tunes!


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After a rocky Week 7, the High Noon crew came back in full force for Week 8; all 5 musicians got their submissions in before the deadline and Molly Brooks‘ cover art is especially stunning. The inspirational word for this round was ‘Outer Space’ and each of the artists totally nailed the vibe. Minimalistic arrangements are the name of the game here; a heavy focus on the low-end, negative space, and ethereal sound design paint an immaculate picture of the vibrant depths of the cosmos. Bass hits and synth rhythms collide with meteoric impact and are then sucked down the wormhole to make room for ambient, alien interludes; while the music this week is definitely on the more experimental side, each of the tunes creates its own spacey atmosphere.

See what a couple of the artists had to say about this round of the challenge below and fill your ears with the sounds of outer space!


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 I was very disappointed I wasn’t able to turn in a track last week, so this week I was hungry for a big tune. Something that would let me vent some frustrations and at the same time let everybody know that I’m BAAACK with that BANGERANG!


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This was the hardest week for me thus far… I thought I had it in the bag and was working on a tune made from the sounds of light from a star (NASA) all the way up until Thursday night when I finally decided to scrap it because I wasn’t hitting a groove. The tune above was made on the next day, and I think it represents the theme far better.

Our favorite tune from Week 8 was WERK‘s ‘Fish Tankin’, what was yours?

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