Dieselboy is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of Drum and Bass music in America. Without his influence, it’s difficult to say whether the genre would even be as popular as it is now.

Dieselboy’s best selling mix CD, “The 6ixth Session,” was released back in 2000. It was one of the driving forces in bringing drum and bass to a larger audience in North America, with tracks like Konflict’s super awesome “Messiah”. Now, Dieselboy wants to ignite a second flame in the U.S. with a continuous play of all of his work … for free!

My intention is to release all of my classic CD mixes from over the years on my Soundcloud. These mixes were previously only available for sale and split into multiple tracks. These Soundcloud versions are presented as one straight mix. I would like to think that these CD mixes helped mark a contribution to the history of the American drum and bass scene. Take a journey back in time…

Less than a year ago, Dieselboy basically rocked the foundation of DnB with his “The Destroyer” mix. Now, this classic collection will likely see a powerful shift in tides, and we’re damn happy to sit back and watch over the next few months.