For a festival to survive for nearly 10 years is admirable. For a traveling festival to last that long, while bringing in the biggest and best acts that the world has to offer, all while finding itself in one of the most musically innovative nations that the world has to offer, is a little more believable. Unfortunately, Future Music Festival announced yesterday that it’s closing its gates.

“The festival began in 2006 as a one day independent festival at Sydney’s Royal Randwick Racecourse. In 2007 it evolved into a massive travelling festival like the Big Day Out and Soundwave which visited Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.”

2015 will reportedly be the last year for FMF, citing financial instability and lack of resources as major contributing factors. Many commenters on their official announcement point out that booking Drake for the festival could have contributed to lower tickets sales and decreased interest, but of course, this could just be a vocal minority. Whatever the case is, Future Music Festival has brought out absurdly quality acts such as The Prodigy, Paul van Dyk, Gesaffelstein, Deadmau5 and more; and when the festival expanded in 2012 to Malaysia, that show was headlined by legendary act The Chemical Brothers.

Mushroom Group chairman Michael Gudinski told that:

“The cost to physically stage the events has significantly increased, even in just two years.  The fluctuating dollar also hasn’t helped and the increasing popularity of EDM in the States has seen DJ fees escalating out of control.”

Read the official statement from Future Music Festival below:

We’re very sad to say that we’ve decided 2015 was the last year for Future Music Festival.

It’s been a difficult decision to make but in the end travelling the festival in its current form across Australia simply doesn’t make financial sense anymore.

We want to thank you all for your support over the years – we’re grateful for all the unforgettable times we’ve shared together. Here’s our wrap video for 2015 to remind you of the good times!

Despite the announcement occurring on April 1st, there’s no sign of this being a prank. Australian radio station triplej has confirmed the news.

An additional media release from promoters The Mushroom Group – who bought into Future just two years ago – reads:

Despite the considerable critical acclaim of the 2015 festival, the last two years of ticket sales for the festival have underperformed, meaning Future Music Festival will not be returning in 2016.

Mushroom Group share the belief expressed by a number of promoters globally that the day of the large scale travelling festival in its current form is unfortunately numbered.


H/T triplej | Image via Dean Hammer