When you get to be a label as infamous as Monstercat, you eventually accrue quite the loyal following. That isn’t exactly the whole truth though… Monstercat is what it is today mostly due to that following. The artists and staff have helped to curate a micro-community within the EDM scene where collaboration, sharing and familiarity thrives. Their podcast Twitch streams are always filled with recognizable names, and their subreddit is absolutely flourishing with new news, theories and music from all over the EDM scene.

Monstercat recently held a label showcase in Austin for SXSW where, among other things, Haywyre & Aero Chord collaborated on a tune, streamed live via Splice. The next label showcase will be held in their headquarters of Vancouver, with “label regulars such as Aero Chord, Sound Remedy, Grabbitz, and Pegboard Nerds.” From the press release:

After incredible success streaming the Splice collaboration between Haywyre and Aero Chord from SXSW, Monstercat will be live streaming its label showcase across the globe via Twitch. The showcase is held in conjunction with the major British Columbia event, Seasons Festival, and features label regulars such as Aero Chord, Sound Remedy, Grabbitz, and Pegboard Nerds. With all these artist coming together in Monstercat’s hometown, it only seemed right to create this rare experience that not only Vancouver dance enthusiasts will be able to experience, but fans of the label across the globe. At 11PM PST on Thursday, those who tune in will be able to experience Grabbitz, Aero Chord, Sound Remedy, and Pegboard Nerds take over the iconic Vancouver venue Celebrities until the early hours of Friday morning. This is a must watch for anyone preparing for this exciting upcoming festival season.

The live stream starts TONIGHT at 11pm PST/2am EST. Tune into live.monstercat.com to see it all go down.