Newcomers to the scene aren’t the most knowledgeable bunch. I wouldn’t necessarily expect them to be. But veterans have found ways to keep in touch with artists, shows and festivals that keep them ever hungry for more ways to go out and have fun.

If you’re new to the scene, these ways may not be so obvious, and you might want a little help.

Enter: Everfest. Its goal is connect festival-goers by giving them the knowledge and access to find any kind of festival they want. That means music festivals, yes, but also includes: film, food, drink, art, sports, and culture. Yes, there are that many festivals. Everfest has a catalogue of over 9000.

Paul Cross, founder of Everfest, has a lot of ideas for the app/site beyond just searching for festivals. His goals include a centralized forum for festival attendees, an aggregate of all photos posted at a particular festival, and even a way to find your friends on-site, via a “drop a pin” method. Whether the $1.5m funding will be able to supplant his lofty goals remains to be seen. But for now, the search function is active and working.

Visit now to begin.

everfest splash screen


Source: Tech Crunch