Fresh off an amazing performance at Ultra Music Festival, Skrillex & Diplo took to a radio interview to promote their new music. Despite talking about their performances, Skrillex & Diplo revealed how the Justin Bieber collaboration came around. While most people think that their collaboration was a product of Jack U, it turns out that the track was actually a Justin Bieber piece that just got the Skrillex & Diplo special treatment.

Despite talking about their collaboration, the big news came when Justin Bieber announced that Skrillex and Diplo will be collaborating on one of his new tracks:

“Yeah I think me and these guys are going to collaborate on my next record and do something really special.” – Justin Bieber

Hate him or love him, Justin Bieber will be starting to dabble in EDM and working with the likes of Skrillex & Diplo only ensures it will be beautiful music.

You can check out the interview below:

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