In keeping with their theme of recreating major feature films, Above & Beyond have added Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind to their list. Their latest single “Peace of Mind” ft Zoë Johnston was announced yesterday on their Group Therapy radio show, and included the premiere of a brand new music video as well. While their remakes for Wall-E and Catch Me If You Can are a lot more straightforward, the premise of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is already a clusterfuck, making this Above & Beyond’s greatest challenge yet.

In short, the film follows Jim Carrey as he attempts to erase memories of his relationship with Kate Winslet by hiring a company who erases all memories of her with a  machine while he sleeps. Along the way, his subconscious tries to protect his memories of her by hiding them in other parts of his mind. The music does well to mimic this main plot in just 4:51 seconds, all while including recurring images of Above & Beyond and Zoë Johnston throughout.  For those who are fans of this cult film, or who just appreciate the artistry behind music videos, watch the “Peace of Mind” below or watch all of A&B’s music videos on their YouTube page.